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In-Person & Virtual Lessons

I am available to teach in-person lessons in a large space that allows for social distancing.

I also offer virtual lessons via Zoom, Skype, and Facetime when preferred.

General Information


The cello is one of the most beloved and accessible instruments in music. People are drawn to its deep resonant sounds and it has been said (though not confirmed) that cello music is so popular because the pitch range is similar to that of the human voice!

Learning to play any instrument can be one of the most gratifying experiences and it is one that you can enjoy for your whole life.

So what does it take to learn to play cello?

Basically, you need the right attitude and time to play.


Who can take cello lessons?

Anyone can take cello lessons! Both children and adults make excellent cello students. You do not need to be innately “talented” to enjoy this amazing instrument. You just need the desire to learn and the time to practice each day.

Learn more about private lessons:
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