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What does one need to start?

Are you or your student ready to play the cello every day (or almost every day)? 

If your student is on the young side (4-6), is he or she ready to give her attention to a 30-minute lesson? If you’re not sure, schedule a lesson observation or a trial lesson.

An instrument...but not right away

You do NOT need an instrument for the first lesson.

There is a lot to learn before even holding the instrument! More importantly, your teacher should help choose the correct size instrument and make sure it is set-up properly. The wrong-size instrument can lead to muscle strain and inadequately maintained rentals can cause unnecessary frustration.


Materials for beginners

Suzuki Cello Volume 1

Suzuki Cello Volume 1-2 album for daily listening

Pencil with eraser

Access to Google Documents (where I record notes and lesson assignments)


A way to listen to your cello music every day

You’ll need a way for you or your student to listen to the Suzuki cello recordings every day. It’s best if you can make it a routine: something you or your student can listen to while getting ready for school or work, at the end of the day while getting ready for bed, during homework, or while doing a daily chore.

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