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Weekly Lesson Assignment

Each student has an individual Google Document with lesson notes updated at each lesson. Email Ms. Emily if you need the link to your lesson assignment!

Practice tools


This will open a metronome that works in a browser. Use a metronome to practice everything! Scales, pieces, etudes...YES! everything!

Get the SoundCorset app for iPhone OR Get the SoundCorset app for Android

This app has a metronome with several subdivision functions. It also has a tuner!

Drones for tuning

This link will take you to an article and video about HOW to use a drone for practice and links to the drone album I like to use. 

Drones are also available for free on YouTube. See the playlist below!

Books and PDF's

To ensure quality and accurate orders, I recommend ordering books and supplies from a music store. Shar Music, Southwest Strings, and Johnson Strings are reliable sources. The links for Suzuki books below are for packages which include the CD for listening to the repertoire in the book.

PLEASE listen to the music you are learning!

And listen to professional recordings of GOOD cello music to develop your ear.

Listen to your music

Links to Suzuki repertoire.


Listen to other music

Listen to great recordings of professionals to enjoy and develop an ear for beautiful tone, musicality, and more.


Emily's YouTube Channel (click on Playlists)

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Suggested Reading

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