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Summer Lessons 2021

June 7 - August 27
Quick things to know:
  • Summer lessons will be scheduled through an online calendar (details below).
  • Summer lessons will continue to take place at the First United Methodist Church (choir room in basement) unless virtual lessons are arranged.
  • Summer lessons are flexible! You can plan around activities and trips. Aim for 6-7 lessons between now and the start of the next school year.

Students should aim to have 6-7 lessons over the course of the summer to keep up skills, good practice habits, and be prepared to come back to regular weekly lessons and orchestra activities in September. This is a minimum recommendation so students are also welcome to have more than 7 lessons too. 

Students may also consider longer lessons if availability is limited. (For example, two 45-minute lessons instead of three 30-minute lessons.)

Summer is a wonderful time to take breaks, do other activities, go on family trips, etc. The goal is to give students the flexibility to do those things while keeping up their cello-chops!
How to schedule summer lessons: SuperSaaS

The online calendar will be set up to accept lessons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I have some out-of-town dates planned and these are already reflected in the calendar availability.

Using SuperSaaS
  • You'll need to setup a login with your email. (It's free.)

  • Summer lesson times are reserved on a first-come basis. 

  • You'll be able to reserve lesson times starting June 1.


(FYI: For the Fall/Spring 2021-2022 school year, we will establish a regular weekly time again.)

Reserving lesson times
  • You are welcome to reserve your student's normal weekly lesson time if it is available. If your summer schedule is complicated and your student needs a different time each week, that is OK too.

  • Please do not leave 15-minute gaps in the schedule. I may contact you to make adjustments and diminish gaps in the teaching schedule.

  • If a conflict comes up or there is a specific week that you'd like to schedule a lesson outside of the available time in the calendar, let me know and I'll do my best to work with you.

Other information
  • The calendar program will automatically send you a reminder email the day before each lesson. Nifty!

  • Until the schedule is opened up on June 1, you can create your login and preview my calendar below. However you won't be able to reserve summer lesson until June 1.

  • I will email an invoice at the start of each summer month. Your invoice will be based on the lessons scheduled in SuperSaaS at that time.

Start using the summer schedule

If you're having trouble viewing the SuperSaaS schedule below, use this URL (recommended for phones & tablets.)

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