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Goal #1

Achieve the ability to make beautiful music and demonstrate a mastery of technique at every level.


Making beautiful music on the cello is requires a solid foundation in excellent technique. "Technique" addresses many physical aspects of playing. For example, how does one hold and draw the bow to create a full, ringing sound? Where exactly does each left-hand fingertip need to be placed in order to play notes in tune? How should those left-hand fingers be shaped to make it easier to play accurately and with dexterity? These are just a few examples of what would be string technique lessons. Most important of all, good technique addresses how to safely and comfortably use one's body to play the instrument without straining muscles or tendons. 

As a teacher, I make technique a priority starting from the first lesson so that students develop good playing habits and a high standard for how they should sound. This is important for students learning "Twinkle" just as much as it is important for the student learning a concerto. The "Twinkler" will someday learn to play a concerto and he or she will have a have a much easier time mastering a difficult, advanced piece if good technique is practiced from the very beginning.

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