• Emily Wolfram

Gardening. Indoor and Outdoor.

In an effort to make lemonade of lemons, we've used a lot of our "shelter in place" time to work on yard projects. I've continued my annual ritual of starting more seedlings than my yard can actually handle. Since we live where we have ”real winter” and the last frost date isn't until mid-May, my seedlings get going inside. Most of them are under grow lights in my basement. Some of them get a windowsill.

Last fall, we rented a sod cutter and eliminated all of our lawn in the front yard and most of it in the backyard. We didn't really have a plan, except to put in vegetables, other edibles, and native plants. This week, in our copious spare time, we decided to dig 2 big holes in the front yard to amend the soil and build cold frames to extend the growing season. We were successful but our holes attracted some unexpected attention from the neighborhood because they looked like...well...graves. And there is a global pandemic of course...so great timing! A couple cheeky neighbors stopped to ask if being stuck at home with my spouse was really going that badly. Hah. Dorian's mom suggested we put up signs that say "his" and "hers."

Other yard activities include turning my glorious compost! Under this old pile of leaves I did find a thing known to other compost-crazy gardeners as "black gold"...beautiful finished compost. I don't know why it excites me so much to turn my kitchen scraps and dead leaves into the best fertilizer ever but it does!