• Emily Wolfram

First day of "Quarantine"

Monday, March 16, was the first day that Great Falls Public Schools were closed and, by chance, it was the day that we had already planned to go to Teton Pass to enjoy the empty ski resort and also do a little back-country skiing. Since the resort was regularly closed Mondays and we didn't expect to see very many people, we took our dog and our friends' dog (we were dog-sitting while they were out of town.) There was absolutely no one at the resort—good for social distancing! It was a beautiful day. The snow was amazing. It was really fun to have the pups with us too. Our dog is Dennis, the Blue Heeler cattle dog. This was our first time skiing in this area since Teton Pass Resort closed in 2017. We are excited that it reopened this year and we hope it will be a successful venture for the new owner. The mountain has great terrain and the scenery is hard to beat.

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