• Emily Wolfram

Big day at Shorty Creek

Shorty Creek is near the town of Neihart, Montana. We pass through Neihart when we go to our local ski hill, Showdown Ski Resort. Shorty Creek is a popular spot for back country skiing. There is pretty low avalanche danger in general, but we check anyways to be safe (and to practice.) We park our car at the end of O'Brien road and then skin up the creek to where the trees open up and there are a few options for downhill skiing. Then we usually skin up the south side of the creek. It gets less sun and the snow pack is more reliable. Even on days when the snow doesn't seem great and we decide not to ski, the hike in and out is usually really nice. On this day we got lucky with great weather and great snow. We did 5 runs up and down the south side of the creek.

I suppose skiing this way is a lot of work but it’s really good exercise, you don’t have to buy a lift ticket, there are no crowds, and it’s so peaceful.

Another upside to backcountry skiing is we can bring the dogs!

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